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Interview for mass-media 


Having learnt, about abilities Nurgali Kaldarov, I began to search for its co-ordinates. During that moment, at will Supreme, has met Nurgali in Ак mosques. It was once again convinced that the person assumes, the Allah has. A fantasy! But there is any explanation to these miracles. Scientists-physicists interpret it psychic perception of the information on millimetric ranges. Having had a talk with Nurgali, it was in reality convinced, that he can see through illnesses, prompt destiny and advise. Expensive readers, we think also to you this detailed interview will be interesting by so surprisingly interesting person, and with pleasure to you it we offer. Нургали, it come Korkino from the Chelyabinsk area, bears in itself, as a destiny cross, under any incomprehensible laws which have allocated with its ability to see, another's pain. With full confidence it is possible to tell, that at it the charisma. It in the recent past the artist, the doctor-neuropathologist, has passed specialisation in scientific research institute at Ministry of Health in Moscow over which Galperin Я.Г supervised. Nurgali Kaldarov today has the corresponding certificate and successfully applies the knowledge of a pas to practice.

- Nurgali, whether assumed, what you will treat people a nonconventional method? 

No, did not think. By thirty years of my life there was a desire to treat people in the unusual way. A prediction to treat people has come to me through a dream. And those years often began see any unusual, bright dreams where "from above" to me offered about it. Then I have felt the forces, and using bioenergy, tried to treat acquaintances who worked in a shoe workshop in Korkino where work inactive, moreover at draughts. I it treated oporno-impellent system. After four-five sessions there were stunning results. They remained are very happy, grateful, then I have made decision to continue this noble business.-Gift - to treat people to you it is given from Supreme, and whether you worked over increase of level of the knowledge, abilities? - For the purpose of deepening of knowledge, I have addressed to the doctor-psychiatrist in Korkino Antonina Luzikovoj, have explained it not ordinary situation. It has recommended to me to go to the regional centre to Grigorevsky. With a letter of recommendation from it I have gone to professor Jacob Galperin who headed then scientific research institute on nonconventional medicine in Moscow. Wishing to get to Jacob Grigorevichu was much. From all applicants then a method of testing he has chosen me. Having defined my possibilities, he has suggested to work to me together with it. Has concluded with me the contract on two goals, has appointed me the assistant, and I began to work and Moscow. Wishing to be treated was much, there was a whole chaos. Results were stunning: came to be treated even from other countries. Except treatment, I solved also personnel questions as I headed the commission in a staff department in the research centre at Ministry of Health of the USSR which was the governmental structure.

- Making such success why you have left Moscow?

- Once Jacob Grigorevich has suggested me to go together with it to Israel for treatment of patients. I have refused. - why you have refused so favourable offer? - I morally was not ready to leave the country, felt, that to me still early to work somewhere abroad. My refusal Jacob Grigorevichu has not liked, and our relations have sharply become complicated. Then has decided to work independently, but it has not given me the certificate, I remained to work together with it. And when has cured the well-known mister from Bulgaria, he has made my the new proposal - a trip to Pakistan. I have again refused, and relations have absolutely stretched. Then, using hypnosis, I have received the certificate for independent treatment. Has left Moscow, having left apartment in which could live and work easy till today. The refusal principal cause - was a weak soul, that is could become proud.

- Where you have continued the activity after Moscow?

- Having arrived to Chelyabinsk in 1990, I have organised the business in a polyclinic along the street Thieves', the house №2. Successfully conducted receptions of patients individually. Not all interested persons could get on reception as there were big turns. For journalists then this theme was very interesting, and tormented me, there has not passed yet boom. Where I would not appear, me met enthusiastically, warmly. After a while Jacob Galperin has found me through Grigorevsky in Chelyabinsk and called back to Moscow. I have again refused this offer.

- Whether it was possible to you to go abroad all the same?

- Yes, I have gone in 1991 to Saudi Arabia with the Supreme Mufti of Russia and the European part of CIS Talgat for fulfilment haja. I was then the first pilgrim to Mecca from Chelyabinsk. - what your system of treatment? The Allah has given the chance to me to behold work of bodies and has given knowledge "ладуни" (expression), has awarded abuse to own this knowledge. This knowledge is infinite and to settle them, it is impossible.

- Tell, please, about teachers, about instructors.

- Were at me both terrestrial, and unearthly teachers and now they are. First my instructor - heavenly. It in a national attire comes to my mother and through it gives to my advice. This instructor some times rescued me, from death in extreme situations for me. I have got used to it and have understood, that all is manuals Supreme. Imam-hatyb Ak of mosque became first my terrestrial teacher. Its name is known in Muslim круrax to area. It practically did not treat, xoтя had a highest level of a Muslim scale of ranks. Then my teacher became Said афэнде which lives in Dagestan. It and is now mine - the teacher. At it the sanctity face, from it always blows as good, heat and light. I trust in the Allah, I try to study in more details the Koran, to comprehend wisdom of the Allah through prays, I make fivefold, putting in all full volume of forces and knowledge.

- Usually such people are proud of ancestors. Whether there are in your sort the people who are engaged in healing? 

- Yes, grandmother Fatima on a parent line, in settlement was wisest of the wisest, knew very serious prays. For example, the grandmother on a fatherly line has gone blind. Grandmother Fatima has cured its started talking water and she began to see.

- You treat what illnesses? Result, please, some examples of the unusual.

- I treat all illnesses. Has proved, that I treat malignant tumours of bodies of heaps ache cages, digestion, a brain. Familiar doctors were convinced of my force and to me direct the incurable patients with serious traumas. I manage to do that doctors cannot. For example, to extend finitenesses even if one is shorter another on 10 see, that quite often happens after fragmental traumas, crises, By means of the Allah, using not only manipulation, but also bio-energetics I cure them for 5 sessions. I am engaged. By means of the Allah it I do absolutely without serious consequences.

- Whether you wish to train, transfer knowledge to the children? 

- I should tell, that now my children are not ready to it. At them while weak knowledge of the world. If someone from them also is intended to it Supreme itself will give these abilities and knowledge. They so extensive and deep that all ego to learn there will be no one life. Without the aid of Supreme it to transfer anybody it is impossible. If there are hereditary predispositions to it they will find this road by means of Supreme.

- Whether all patients you undertake to treat? If is not present, whether that purely you should refuse in treatment? 

- My treatment helps actually to everything if the person is not doomed, and I feel it. Happens and refuse. I do not treat patients, damned the Allah. There are special diseases on which it is possible to define such people. I then speak nothing to them, that they did not go in cycles and did not worry. And if the person still has a clarification possibility, that is to make a repentance, I offer it to them, and then healing is possible. Sometimes month of work, sometimes for this purpose is required and it is more. To people of other belief too I can help with removal of damnations through prays and ceremonies by our traditions.

- Means you remove damage? 

- Yes, I do it by plots. I receive knowledge from angels, a name of the main angel I have no right to name. Recently such phenomena as damage, a malefice widespread. There are some kinds of damage: 1. To charm, subordinate will. Even witches are afraid to do it, that is they know, that there are people strong energy which can remove it. 2. Damage on death that is to destroy the person completely. But I do it on an extreme case. Then the death leaves on that person who has made it.

- Nurgali, what do you think of miracles?

- I think, the biggest miracle on light is a person. In our organism such possibilities of self-development, self-healing, self-improvement are hidden, that it can be compared only to magic. Learn to love itself - and you will be favourite and respected by others, will get rid of defects and illnesses, your life will be changed wonderfully.

- And it is possible to remove damage most? 

- Yes, it is possible. It is necessary only, to be able to listen to itself, the intuition. Health - before, work on self of the patient. In general trust itself more, your sensations never will deceive you. A secret of removal of damage by plots that in texts of plots the genetic code to which our organism inevitably responds gene memory of the previous generations which are getting rid thus from many illnesses is put in pawn.

- How you think, paternal people are ill? 

- It is a lot of reasons. Basically the person is ill, when is wandered in itself, depression is lost, begins, a nervous breakdown and a chain other bodies start to be ill. It means that the person conducts the wrong way of life forbidden Supreme, that is makes a sin.

- Whether you recently treat patients? 

- I treat houses, individually. I treat daily, except Friday. On Friday I visit mosques, and I indulge completely in prays.

- Your plans for the future. 

- To become the sheikh and to reach the Allah. For this purpose it is necessary to make all predictions of the Allah, that is to read the Koran, prays, daily to make fivefold and to create good for the sake of good,

- What would you wish readers of the newspaper? 

- Not to make sins - the most important reason of illnesses, and to read the Koran - the essence of our belief.


Louise Zakiryanova Information centre "Duslik" talked

Learn the mission 


"Whether many live a life, not trying to learn, what they know and what love?


Your business - not to get at all to their number. "

Step 1 - comprehension of your talents, abilities and possibilities, your ability to knowledge and training - you will see the abilities as a unit as system, and if ever you begin to doubt the possibilities, it will allow you to replace "doubts" with "self-trust".

Step 2 - to find your vital passion - your desires, preferences, ideals.

You really are engaged in in what wish to be engaged in a life? Only you for certain know, that you actually love. You wish to test pleasure from dialogue with people, from work performance? We will help you to understand ourselves, in your desires and emotions.

Step 3 - your vital principles and deep values

Step 4 - creation of the big picture - is defined, how your interests, desires, deep values, the purposes and possibilities, incorporate and create your Mission.

Step 5 - a choice of a direction for your Mission, dedication of of Mission

Step 6 - definition of the purposes focused on Mission; individual, public, professional, personal and family roles in your Mission. An estimation of their efficiency

Step 7 - creation of the fascinating future, definition of the plan of realisation of Mission

Technicians of construction of own perfection, "a magic circle", disposal from, changes and destiny improvements (NLP)

The given technique is unique and though includes elements classical NLP, in the pure state NLPis not. The technics "Mission" concerns to so-called "NLP", to original "cocktail" from classical the NLP-TECHNICIAN,

Psychoanalysis, and psychotherapeutic the technician, and also the Higher and astral magic. You pass all stages of the program at first in the changed condition of consciousness (in a trance), thus having an opportunity for the deep analysis own "I" and products of really important transformations of own person and destiny, and then we in common assort and we analyze each passed stage. Трансовое the condition is necessary to remove the conscious barriers limiting your comprehension of, and also to magic work.

There is such statement, that "your unconscious knows all", in you your vital program, your Mission is put already in pawn. Whether you are ready to learn and execute it?

In the course of our teamwork we will "get" from your unconscious your latent desires and possibilities, and also to make necessary changes that you could realise effectively wished already at conscious level. But also it only that lays on a surface... It not "magic NLP". It really magic.

Questions and answers 

- Nurgali as whom you consider yourselves: the psychic, the healer, the sorcerer?. .

- I the healer, the healer of souls.

- At what age you have found out in yourselves uncommon abilities? 

- I such was born, but is more concrete Supreme have forced me to approach to it somewhere by 30th years. By this time my outlook has a little changed... As they say, has fallen asleep and has woken up another. I and felt before propensities to not ordinary things. Earlier seriously enough was engaged in boxing. And sometimes there was so, that I, not concerning the opponent, could put it out of action. He as though felt blow on distance.

- How it turned out? 

- It seems to me, it occurred at the expense of emission of mental energy; the concentrated power, capable to work wonders.

- How you have come starting to treat people? 

- Something inside always imposed to me, that I should these be engaged. And I treated, first at all absolutely understanding, what for I do it. But gradually, on a course of how my outlook varied, I to it have come. My thinking has changed so, that I even itself have not noticed, how became the priest, the Muslim priest. There is such current - the mullah. I on this way go many years. You heard something about sufizme? It still name тарикат. It is a direct way to Supreme. When the teacher gives you the task in the form of certain prays, and you should read constantly them - to justify any migrations, energy. And during the moment when the person reaches a certain stage, these prays start to generate and work wonders. More precisely, miracles occur with muridom. (In a translation from Arabic "murid" "pupil" means.)

- You have a teacher? 

- Yes. He lives in Dagestan, in mountains Cherkeja, his name Said Sheikh Afandi. It very much we esteem Moslems, it is considered their spiritual leader.

- How you have got acquainted with it? 

- You know, he has sent in my party of people. He/she is the person who knows practically everything, therefore I was not surprised, when for me have arrived it muridy. In general, it is a difficult way. Sufizm - one of mystical directions of Islam. When the person follows a way tarikata then already it becomes the present Moslem. The present Moslem is the one who speaks only the truth who not корыстен, and as a whole does not possess characteristics of the person of "the lowest structure". It is the one who goes strictly on a spiritual line.

- Nurgali, you have a medical education? 

- Yes.

- How you consider, the traditional medical education is necessary for the healer? 

- I am assured, that it can easy manage and without medik. Moreover, I have come to such conclusion, that all knowledge which were given to me by my high school, and nearby did not stand with what I already had. It is perfect other area. It is a little similar to metaphysics - when many phenomena do not submit to nature laws, and work natural by. Something similar occurs and to me.

- And you use what methods in treatment? 

- I use laws of energy, the nature. When I work with a human body, about that the Divine help I see existing problems. Many parametres matter. One of them is, we will tell so, time. For example, at the person at any certain stage has occurred fear, and even when it seems, that all passes, it not so. There is a communication with this time space, and the further, the more this binding thread stretches. As a result the person starts to lose hearing, or it has a stutter. And I, thanks to the Charisma, am able to break this communication.

- Nurgali, you treat what illnesses also what of them is better to you give in? 

- I will tell frankly, I treat all. The only thing, that can not give in to me, it is narcodependence.

- And why? 

- Understand, very terrible demons there work. The person who has come to drugs, from them does not leave. I spent experiences, with the consent of the patients, but my treatment sufficed for a short while.

- People who come to you behind the help, whence they learn about you? 

- Strangely enough, usual radio, that is a word of mouth.

- With what illnesses address? 

- With absolutely different. But more often, probably, with diseases of oporno-impellent system.

- You accept all interested persons or to someone refuse? If yes, what will help to serve as a cause of a failure? 

Is happens very seldom. But if I refuse, to people on whom I see Divine.

- And how you feel it? 

- I it see. Really I see. But it is difficult to me to explain it words …

- I know, that to you address not only your compatriots, but also many come from other countries. 

- Yes, there were at me people from Sweden, Britain, from America often come, and also from the Arabian countries.

- How often you accept patients? 

- Every day, except Friday.

- How many people in day can accept? 

- Nearby 10 persons.

- How many there are your services? 

- Any quotations does not exist. People pay on force of the possibilities, and not always payment can be expressed in money. In general, money not the most important thing in a life. I needed time that it to understand. I after all could not present to myself at all earlier, that here so I will work...

- You somehow said, that can treat on distance: by phone, video... How it is possible? 

- The matter is that the distance of a role does not play, the main thing - that the person saw me. Here the psychological aspect because much depends on the person is important.

- Whether has value for healing the factor of belief of the patient in success of your treatment? 

- It is obligatory! When the person comes sceptically adjusted when I see mistrust to myself, I cannot help, I can be mistaken in diagnostics, for example. And when the person ripens to address to me, it as though opens, and I see, how on a palm, all its illnesses. And it already halfway to a victory. All depends on a mental spirit of the patient, its internal desire to recover.

- Nurgali, at what age you have come to decision to become the priest? 

- In mature enough, after forty. If it is fair, I and could not think, that I will reach such condition that I will become the priest.

- And nevertheless something to it has pushed you? 

- My philosophy if so it is possible to name it. Any belief... Self-determination, probably.

- As though you could define the vital purpose? 

- The purpose one - to reach to Supreme, to find a sanctity condition. I very much aspire to it and constantly I read prays, I pray for forgiveness soul, how much it is possible. Earlier I presumed to myself very many, now even thoughts similar do not arise. That is any dirt, it for me is alien. Prays which are given to me by my teacher especially help. They possess huge force and give me confidence of tomorrow. And I know absolutely precisely, that I will not depart from the planned way.

- Today it is a lot of the charlatans naming with healers. How to distinguish orthodox healers from swindlers? 

- First of all, it is a monetary component of a question. If the so-called healer demands the certain sum for treatment - let even small is a first signal to that the person is movable by aspiration not to help, and it is as much as possible to take away. There are also such charlatans who do not take money, but they steal souls of people. If the person at all does not take money for treatment, it also should cause suspicion. In our world of anything it is simple so, free of charge, does not become. Also it is one of the Divine precepts who learns us to be selective that we could understand a source of this harm. Speaking about the work, I will tell, that to me the beggar can come - and he will feel the mister. The rich man can come - and will feel on a level with the poor man. To me generals, government officials, deputies came - and all sat in the general stream. Everyone, despite of the social status and a prosperity, on a level with the others waits for the turn on reception. Thus I let to people know, that before the God all of us are equal. I realise all responsibility which assigns to me Supreme, and I try to approach in the most serious image to the business. Therefore on the nature I, probably, the ascetic. Though at a certain stage it is difficult to name it asceticism because there is at me one passion, it is the computer. But, I hope, I and soon can to master it.

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